Focal First are experts in growing your business, engaging audiences, inspiring minds and turning clicks into customers.
We’re transparent, we
motivate, we bring ideas to the table, we deliver the element of surprise, we’re crazy about image and reputation, ​and we’re ready to help you grow your brand. The question is, are you?


Our job is to bring perception, vigour and ideas – but also to question and challenge, unearth and illuminate.

Our mission is to help you uncover the heart and soul of your business – the USP’s that really make you great – and tell your story in a suitable narrative.

With us, discover your true potential.


We deliver a personal, passionate & unique service to each of our clients, big or small, whether in the UK, Dubai or abroad.

With expertise in a vast array of industries, our team is always at hand to elevate your business. By increasing traffic to your website, we can help exceed your revenue forecast.


We’re a fully-integrated marketing agency, offering the services you would expect from an agency of our size, reputation and experience. But when it comes to our fundamental areas of expertise, we split them into 4 key areas:

User Experience, Inbound Marketing, Creative Hub, and Advertising

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We’re passionate about smart marketing,
We’re respectful of budgets and timescales,
We’re eager to push marketing boundaries,

… let’s work together and make that happen today.
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