We're story-tellers that perfect ideas & exist to nurture your business


Our Ethos

Focal First are proud to say, we’ve been marketing, smarter, for our clients for almost a decade. We’re based out of the UK, but our clients are international.  
A team of story-tellers, tech wizards, design masters, idea’s people, perfectionists, and business gurus. We’re here to nurture your business, win awards, but most of all, we’re simply itching to show you the potential of your brand and business.

This independently owned marketing agency is nothing like any other agency you’ll have come across before. Focal First see things differently. We’re not afraid of testing new methods, to think outside the box and to help you push your brand further than you dare.

Where we are

Based in the UK; we are at the focal point of innovative marketing. With business experience in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, and the rest of the UK, we’re positioned to serve our customers with a wide array of solutions.